Our Philosophy

Harness the potential of each berry! The wine can only be as great the vineyard so our passion lies in selecting organic, sustainable vineyards and farming them for the highest quality fruit possible. Since we do not own any of our own vineyards, we work closely with the owners and growers of each ranch and assist them in the farming practices. Sometimes it is merely by discussing the different methods and sometimes it is by getting out there and doing it with our own hands. We choose varietals we love to drink and that grow best at the specific vineyard sites. The details are important but so is minimal intervention. We strive to create wines that are balanced, complex and terroir driven. Wines that are ready to drink post bottling yet structured enough to age gracefully.

We believe in working hard with a gentle touch and our greatest joy is gathering and sharing the stories and bottles along the way.


Nicole Abiouness and John Herrguth