Harvest 2021

So I have to admit I have not updated this page since the harvest of 2019. The past year and a half in this horrific pandemic along with all of Mother Natures ups and downs nearly knocked me down. Yet everyday I have gotten up and pulled on the boot straps. I’ve¬†continued running the business, teaching yoga, caring for family and being positive- those are my goals. Accompanied by lots of cocktails with my dear friends!

Last year, because of the fires, we barely made any wine. A small batch of Viognier and not even 100 cases of Rose was all we could source. This year, however, we are more on track to make most (not all) of our other favorite wines. Because of the drought most all growers have encountered very low yields which means there is simply not enough fruit to go around. We will likely not get any of our Grenache or beloved Sangiovese and our Viognier came up short. But what is coming in now is looking great and we will make some delicious wines!

For those of you wanting a little more excitement in your life- come visit now! We can put you to work punching, stomping, sampling and of course drinking. Our new home is at Hunnicutt winery in north St. Helena. Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Nicole