Winter 2019

I’m not sure where the first month went or how it’s nearly mid February. I remember Halloween well. Then Thanksgiving and the feasts around the family table. After that I am sure we celebrated Christmas and exchanged some gifts. I do recall New Year’s and staying up way too late. Is this what happens when you have fun? Must be.

The weather this winter has been wet and cold. We are now bracing for another storm and more flash flooding. And with this crazy climate change I saw something for the first time ever in the Valley- snow on top of Mount St. Helena and a blanket of wild mustard underneath! Never a dull moment.

In the vineyards, most of the vines have been pruned and are dormant. Frost is not quite an issue now but could soon become one. We will keep an eye on them. In the winery, all of our red wines have finished both fermentations and are sleeping peacefully until bottling. We might rack one or two lots but for the most part we leave them alone.

The one main project now is our upcoming bottling. The new 2018 whites and Rose!! We are ordering the supplies and printing labels and making sure the wine is tasting delicious and ready to go. I will send out a release letter once they are ready for your cellar so stay tuned. This is the line-up:

2018 Amrita Malvasia Bianca

2018 Viognier (Wine Club only)

2018 Rose of Pinot Noir

A reminder- we do have some 375’s and magnums available which are NOT on the website. Please email or call anytime to inquire about getting some for your cellar.

Cheers, Nicole