Van Der Kamp

 Sonoma Mountain

The Van Der Kamp property is one of the oldest homesteads on top of Sonoma mountain. It has been farmed continually by one family for over 100 years. The 60 acre ranch sits at an elevation of 1200 to 1500 feet allowing the grapevines to thrive just above the frost line. However, two fog banks (one from the Petaluma Gap and one from the bay) move up on opposite sides of the ranch and collide resulting in an opening of sunlight and warmth. As a result of this battle and because it is a north facing bench, the conditions are near perfect for growing the precious Pinot Noir. Only 25 of the 60 acres are planted to vines while the rest of the property is dedicated to gardens, hens, orchards, ponds, and cultural gatherings.

Although the ranch is a true working farm and an absolute labor of love for this incredible family, their one son, Ulysses is the man behind the vineyards. This quote from one of the many winemakers sourcing fruit sums it up. “Ulysses Van Der Kamp farms this land like no other viticulturist.  He prunes, pulls leaves and manages each vine with a devotion seldom seen in any vocation of any kind.  His hands touch each vine many times over the course of the growing season.  His partnership with the land inspires winemakers to give their very best effort to the grapes grown on Sonoma Mountain.  He is an indelible part of what the French call terroir as you cannot separate the man from the mountain”.